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Healthy Tips

Healthy Dental Tips for Babies and Kids

  • Start good habits for you and your baby by keeping your own mouth clean and healthy. That will help your baby to stay healthy.

  • Before your baby’s teeth come in, gently wipe the gums with a clean damp cloth after meals and at bedtime.

  • Once teeth come in, clean them with a soft toothbrush after meals and at bedtime.

  • Never put your baby to sleep with a bottle.

  • Stop using a bottle to feed your baby by 12 months.

  • Give children healthy foods like dairy, vegetables and fruit. Limit sugary snacks in your child’s diet.

  • Take your child to a dentist for a dental check-up by age 1. Take your child sooner if your doctor refers you to a dentist.

Oral Health Tips for Parents with Special Needs Children