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Games and Activities Oral Health


The Adventures of Wiggly Tooth tells the stories of children and their experiences on losing teeth and oral hygiene. With cartoons and real life children, along with songs about oral health, this video can be enjoyable for children to learn about their teeth. 

Dr. Rabbit and The Tooth Kingdom is a cartoon video series that gives education on dental hygiene and oral health.

A Healthy Mouth for Your Child is a video developed by the National Institute of Health for the parents of infants or toddlers. It explains the importance of baby teeth, gives tips on how to prevent early childhood tooth decay, and talks about age 1 dental visits.

The Sesame Street website has entertaining videos and activities to build better oral health practices within families and children.


The Illinois Department of Public Health has fun coloring pages (pdf) to help promote the importance of oral health in children.


Wanna play oral health games? Colgate has enjoyable games for your kid’s age group.


Want to know when your child will lose and develop teeth? The Baby Center has a great timeline on teeth loss with a video on the topic.