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Online New Hire Reporting System

Use the New Hire Online system to enter and submit New Hires, report terminated and/or laid off employees and maintain employer/user information online. 

Attention: The new Web site supports multiple users per FEIN, and multiple FEINs per user. If you have trouble accessing your account, call us at 888-245-1938 or 312-803-7253.

Employer News

Did you know that in-person, or Web-based presentations are available to employers, employer associations, payroll companies, etc., regarding new hire reporting, income withholding, and the National Medical Support Notice process? For more information, or to arrange a presentation, call 1-888-245-1938.

Thanks to Illinois Employers

In fiscal year 2010, with the help of Illinois employers, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services Division of Child Support Services, collected $1.3 billion for its customers. The Child Support Services Program benefits children and families by locating non-custodial parents, establishing paternity and establishing and enforcing child support orders.

Employers are key to the success of both new hire reporting and income withholding. Employer cooperation assists the State in the early location of non-custodial parents, the speedy collection of child support and the prompt enrollment of children in health care programs.

New hire reporting is the most successful means for locating parents, establishing orders and collecting child support. Through new hire reporting, employers provide timely information regarding the employment of non-custodial parents, which results in faster collection of child support and enrollment of children in dependent medical insurance coverage. Income withholding is the single most effective and consistent collection method.

Employer Responsibilities

  1. Reporting all newly hired employees;

  2. Withholding income for child support and health insurance;

  3. Complying with National Medical Support Notice requirements;

  4. Remitting withheld payments; and

  5. Reporting employees who are no longer employed

It is an employer's legal responsibility to comply with all income withholding orders and national medical support notices when they are served. An employer is considered served if any company address is used. Be sure all of your staff know where to forward these documents within your company to avoid any non-compliance penalties.

How Employers Help

Employers who comply with child support laws help their communities by:

  1. Deducting for child and medical support obligations - more than 75% of child support collections sent to families come from income withholding.

  2. Saving taxpayers' dollars - some child support collections are used to pay the government back for some of the funds spent on public assistance. Other collections reduce government spending by increasing child support collections for families who might otherwise be forced to seek public assistance.

  3. Preventing and reducing fraud - state agencies use new hire employment information to detect and prevent benefit and public assistance payments to people who are not eligible for these payments.

  4. Promoting a stable and reliable workforce - employees whose children are provided consistent support will face less stress and be better able to focus on their jobs.

  5. Encouraging a future skilled workforce - providing financial stability to families through child support helps ensure the education and training needed for a new generation of skilled workers.

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