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About Us

Our Mission

We work together to help Illinoisans access high-quality health care and fulfill child support obligations to advance their physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Our Vision

​We Improve Lives

Our Values

  • We​ address social and structural determinants of health
  • We empower customers to maximize their health and well being
  • We provide consistent, responsive service to our colleagues and customers
  • We make equity the foundation of everything that we do
  • We value our staff as our greatest asset
  • We are always improving
  • We inspire public confidence

A Full Transformation

In early 2020, HFS launched its Strategic Plan, a comprehensive and deep exploration of how we can do our work better than ever. We crafted a new Mission, Vision and Values and are working on Goals and Strategies to improve our impacts.

Through hundreds of townhalls, online surveys, and group discussions at every level, we are continuously collecting and sharing ideas to create and embed our new Mission, Vision and Values into our daily work.

We’ve created special teams to:

  • Integrate thinkers from across the agency for deeper connections
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and spur creative thinking and innovation as we develop 5 years of goals to make the Vision true
  • Structure goals, strategies and metrics that drive successful implementation of our Vision
  • Help prioritize goals and strategies for action

With the development of a Strategic Planning Resource Center, we are offering all our staff a selection of Tools, Templates, and an Idea Bank to provide turnkey materials and implementation ideas to deeply further entrench our Mission, Vision, Values, and plans.

In all we do, we are committed to fostering a team spirit and helping all of our customers.​

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