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Preparing To Enroll

Getting Ready to Enroll: Prerequisite Steps for Providers

Many providers will need to take action before they are ready to enroll or revalidate their information in the IMPACT system.  To make sure your enrollment experience is as quick and efficient as possible, please investigate whether you need to complete any of these prerequisite steps before you attempt to enroll or revalidate.

For additional information or for easy printing, see the IMPACT informational notice on requirements for enrollment and revalidation, or see the provider readiness checklist.  Please note that if you are currently enrolled in the legacy MMIS, you will also need your application identificaton number to revalidate through IMPACT.  Application id numbers were mailed via postal mail, and can be retrieved by the IMPACT help desk.

  • Obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number – The federal government requires that providers who administer “medical and other health services” should obtain an NPI number – a unique 10-digit identification number for covered health care providers. For more information visit the federal CMS HIPAA webpage.

  • Ensure a Certified W9 is On File – Any provider who will be receiving state/federal funds directly from the Comptroller for services rendered or provided to Medicaid clients must have a certified W9 tax form on file with the State Comptroller. 

  • Renew any Professional Certifications or Licensures – Providers must maintain current certification or licensure as a condition of participation in the Medicaid Program. If your profession requires a certification or licensure in the State of Illinois, these qualifications must be active at the time of enrollment or revalidation. This includes the Clinical Lab Improvement Amendments Certification, administered by the Illinois Department of Public Health Office of Health Care Regulation.

  • Ensure the Appropriate Web Access – IMPACT requires each provider to submit an active email address. Email will become the primary mode of communication between contract agencies and providers, and an email address is a required field for enrolling or revalidating in the IMPACT system. Additionally, in order to access the IMPACT provider portal you must use an internet browser that is equivalent to Internet Explorer 8 – or a more recent browser.

  • Obtain your Application ID Number - All providers that are currently enrolled will need to have a state-assigned application ID number on-hand in order to access their application in IMPACT so as to revalidate. These application ID numbers will be distributed two times via postal mail. Each currently enrolled provider should be on the lookout for an IMPACT mailing on yellow paper, and should give this paper to the staff person that will complete the revalidation process. The IMPACT help desk will have the ability to look up application ID numbers for providers who may have misplaced or not received the postal mailing.