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Enrollment in the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA) program will be temporarily paused effective July 1, 2023.

HealthChoice Illinois ADT

HealthChoice Illinois ADT | Accurate. Direct.Timely.

Welcome to the new Illinois Medicaid Data Exchange Platform “ADT” information page.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services is launching a statewide data exchange platform that will deliver vital information to Illinois Medicaid providers in a timely and secure manner. The first phase of the platform will enable admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) alerts to be shared with Medicaid providers whose patients visit a hospital or emergency department. Future phases will enable sharing other types of data to support the goals of HFS’ Comprehensive Medical Programs Quality Strategy. 

How HealthChoice Illinois ADT will help hospitals and other providers.

The platform will send real-time exchange of ADT notifications from the admitting or discharging facility to a patient’s care coordinator or primary care provider. The result: Improved care coordination, higher quality care, and more successful outcomes.

As part of the Department’s commitment to making this ADT system successful, funding and technical assistance will be available to hospitals and other providers for onboarding to the platform and using the data to improve care decisions. 

Building ADT: The plan and timeline.

HFS selected Collective Medical Technologies (CMT), through competitive bid, to implement the Illinois ADT platform. CMT is one of the largest care collaboration networks in the United States and currently supports more than 1,300 hospitals and 3,500 ambulatory care sites across the country.

Our goal is to onboard as many MCOs and providers as possible by September 30, 2021, the date at which enhanced federal matching funds for onboarding providers the platform are no longer expected to be available.

Hospitals will be the initial source of ADT event notification data. Other providers, including skilled nursing facilities, that have technology systems capable of sending data in the required format will follow soon after. 

Connecting to the HealthChoice Illinois ADT platform.

MCOs, hospitals, and other providers will subscribe to the ADT notification service to receive real-time data for their Medicaid members/patients. 

All hospitals enrolled as Medicaid providers will be required to connect to the platform. Technical assistance and financial support will be available. Other providers will be encouraged to connect to enable care coordination for Medicaid members. 

We are aware that a significant number of hospitals are already transmitting data through one or more ADT vendor services, and the Department’s plan includes leveraging as much of the existing connectivity as possible into the new system. 

Why ADT and why now.

Pursuant to the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule, beginning in May of 2021, all hospitals, including psychiatric and critical access hospitals, with EHR systems capable of doing so, must send electronic event notifications of admissions and discharges to/from the emergency department and inpatient units to providers responsible for the patient’s treatment or care coordination. Illinois’ ADT system aligns with the CMS requirements under this federal rule. 

In addition, Illinois’ Comprehensive Medical Programs Quality Strategy includes goals for improving care coordination, using evidence-based interventions to reduce health disparities, deploying technology, and increasing data integration.  The ADT system directly supports those critical quality goals and leverages best practices for sharing timely information to enable effective care coordination. 

HFS first sought approval of enhanced federal funding for a statewide ADT system in 2016. The Department has received approval for 90-10 federal matching funds to subsidize the cost of implementing the platform and onboarding providers. Under federal statute, however, this federal matching opportunity is available at the 90-10 level only through September 30, 2021.  

Help us make ADT as successful as it can be.

We continue to ask stakeholders to help us develop additional use cases and data exchange functions that will be beneficial to Medicaid members, including the ability to exchange other types of standardized messages and care plans. We look forward to comments and input.

HFS will be further reaching out through online notices and discussions with providers to keep developing the best and most impactful uses of the ADT platform and to determine the most effective applications for ADT data in emerging value-based payment arrangements.

Please email HFS with comments or to receive additional information.