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HBIA HBIS Renewal Toolkit

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) is conducting annual renewals for Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA) and Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors (HBIS) customers. This process, also known as redetermination, is an annual eligibility check, and it mirrors the redetermination process used in the traditional Medicaid program, to ensure enrolled individuals remain eligible for coverage.

Please be reassured that all information provided during redetermination will be used solely for program operations and will NOT be utilized for immigration enforcement purposes. Your personal information is protected by law and will always be kept private and secure.

HBIA and HBIS program enrollees who do not respond to HFS when required will lose coverage on July 1.

The due date for HBIA and HBIS customer redeterminations is May 1. If customers do not respond before May 1, they will receive a courtesy reminder. Customers must then respond before June 15, or their case will close, and they will lose coverage effective July 1. This provides HBIA and HBIS enrollees with the same grace period as Medicaid customers.

HFS is highly committed to operating both programs and providing health coverage for immigrants who meet eligibility requirements but cannot access alternative health insurance options.

To learn more about HBIA and HBIS, please visit our FAQ page.

How You Can Help

HFS is asking all healthcare providers, nonprofits, advocates, and community organizations that work with HBIA and HBIS program enrollees to help spread the word to ensure eligible people stay covered.

We have developed a downloadable messaging toolkit that your organizations can use to help immigrant adults and seniors prepare for renewal and connect to coverage. Since everyone’s due date is the same, urgency and repetition are important. We ask that you continue to share these messages in multiple places, multiple times until the renewal period closes.

English Toolkit

Spanish Toolkit

Arabic Toolkit

Chinese Toolkit

German Toolkit

Greek Toolkit

Gujarati Toolkit

Korean Toolkit

Polish Toolkit

Russian Toolkit

Tagalog Toolkit

Urdu Toolkit

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