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Enrollment in the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA) program will be temporarily paused effective July 1, 2023.

Enrollment in the Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors (HBIS) program will be temporarily paused effective Nov. 6, 2023.

Request a Modification

Changing a Child Support Payment Amount

At any time, either parent or the child’s legal guardian can ask for a change (called a “modification”) to increase or decrease the amount of court-ordered child support.  You can petition the court yourself or utilize Child Support Services (CSS) to review your case at no charge.  You must have a case with CSS for our assistance in completing a modification.  A case for you can be opened at any time.  Guidelines require CSS cases be reviewed every three years.  As a rule, a 20% increase or decrease is required for a change.       

You should request a modification if:

  • You are laid off or fired from your job,
  • You get a new or an additional job,
  • Your income increases or decreases,
  • A change in custody or visitation,
  • A change in the size of your family,
  • You become disabled,
  • You go to jail or prison,
  • You are deployed to active service.

You will need to provide proof of these changes.

How do I get my support order modified?

First, a review of case details is conducted to verify balances, non-custodial parent's employment status, and other pertinent information.  Please keep in mind that the attorney presenting the case in court must be able to prove the non-custodial parent's ability to pay. If not, it is possible that the support payment may be lowered. If you feel your order needs a modification, you may request a review by contacting Maximus at 888.245.1938 or complete the forms below and email to

Child Support Modification Mobile App

The Child Support Modification Mobile App is now available in the iTunes App Store and the Android Play Store. Key features of the app include the ability to:

  • Monitor your modification status

  • Request a call from a child support specialist

  • Send and receive secure messages

For registration assistance or app support, please contact us at 1-888-245-1938.

Points to remember:

  • Either parent (or a guardian) can request a change (modification),
  • To request a change, you must have an open case (a case can be opened at any time),
  • Your child support order can go up or down based on information gathered during the review (the order may not be what you expected),
  • There is no charge for making a modification request,
  • The attorney for CSS does not represent either parent and only participates to assure the terms are equitable and fair to all parties. 
  • Even if your request is denied by CSS, you can still go to court on your own to have a judge decide if your order can be changed. 

Important note:  When reviewing and changing the support amount, we cannot address visitation and custody issues. You may be advised to talk to a private attorney about these issues.