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Welcome to the State of Illinois Health and Wellness one-stop source for your healthcare needs. Here, parents can sign up their children for the state’s affordable health insurance programs, seniors can sign up for one of our affordable prescription drug programs, women can find information on free breast and cervical cancer screenings, and much more. You can also see what health coverage options may be available to you under the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare).  Visit Get Covered Illinois to get started.

Our mission is to ensure that in Illinois we have a system of quality, efficient and affordable healthcare. We are working to make Illinois a leader in the implementation of national healthcare reform. Some of the important new reforms will give people access to health insurance. New health coverage options for uninsured Illinoisans begin January 1, 2014, but you can sign up today. Visit Get Covered Illinois for information and to see what option is right for you.

Other healthcare reforms are intended to make ours a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system. That means making sure there are enough doctors’ offices or clinics where people can get primary healthcare services rather than depending on emergency rooms; and emphasizing prevention and wellness to keep people healthy, not just paying bills after people get sick; and promoting a coordinated system of care to replace our fragmented healthcare services.

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services will join our sister state agencies, healthcare providers, advocates and the public to make healthcare improvements that benefit all of us. We will keep you informed of our actions.

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