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Beware of scams. Illinois will never ask you for money to renew or apply for Medicaid. Report scams to the OIG fraud report website or the Medicaid fraud hotline at 1-844-453-7283/1-844-ILFRAUD. 

Health Benefits For Immigrant Seniors

Equity, Positive Outcomes, Well-Being

Advancing its vision for healthcare equity, the State of Illinois in 2020 committed to providing medical coverage to seniors regardless of their immigration status. As part of its Mission, HFS developed the program to produce positive outcomes for our customers, address the social and structural determinants of health and foster the well-being of the Illinoisians we serve.    

You may be eligible for this program if you meet all 4 requirements:

1. You are 65 years old or older

2. You are an Illinois resident

3. You are one of the following:

  1. A legal permanent resident (LPR) for less than five years (also known as having a green card), or  
  2. An undocumented immigrant (including individuals in a Temporary Protected Status)

4. You are an individual with 2022 annual income at or below $13,590 or a couple with annual income at or below $18,310*

5. An individual with assests below $2,000, or, a couple with assets under $3,000* CURRENTLY WAIVED FOR COVID-19**

* We can also use your medical bills to reduce your countable income or assets. This may make you eligible.

** We won’t count assets until after the COVID-19 emergency. Also, we won’t count certain assets like a home or a car.

***If you are age 55-64, you may be eligible for the Health Benefits for Immigrants Adults program

Covered Benefits

The new medical program will offer a full benefit package with $0 premiums and $0 co-payments. Covered services include:

  • Doctor and hospital care
  • Lab tests
  • Rehabilitative services such as physical and occupational therapy
  • Home health, mental health and substance use disorder services
  • Dental and vision services
  • Prescription drugs

Long Term Care Services will not be covered. This includes nursing facility services and home or community-based services as an alternative to facility services. The program may cover prior health care up to 3 months before you apply.

Public Charge

If you have questions about how enrollment in this program would affect current or future requests to change your immigration status, please email Protecting Immigrant Families at, or call the Immigrant Family Resource Program at 1-855-437-7669. They will help you find an organization to answer your questions.

Apply Today

You can apply for these new benefits by any of the following methods.
✓  Apply online - at
✓  Apply by phone - call the ABE Customer Call Center at 1-800-843-6154.
✓  Contact an Application Assistor for help in applying
✓  Contact a Community Service Agency for help in applying in 59 languages.
✓  Apply by mail – use the on-line Paper Application or ask the ABE Customer Call Center (1-800-843-6154) to request a paper application. 

For More Information

Contact the Office of Welcoming Centers for Refugee and Immigrant Services, DHS Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Services, phone (312) 793-7120, or email

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