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Possible online services disruption due to Internet related outage

A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Illinois Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Updates and FAQs

Electronic Visit Verification FAQ

Integrating with a 3rd Party System – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process and issues. Questions regarding 300 ft radius and EVV verification through the external vendor

The EDI Setup steps are covered in slides 30-32 of the EVV Townhall webinar presentation on 6/18/24. At this time, the State has chosen 300ft as the acceptable GPS radius from the member's home. If you are able to set this same radius in your source system, it is recommended.

Confirm all payers that should be going through EVV

This was covered in the June 18th EVV Townhall presentation.  See slides 7-9.

·DDD PCS: 9/1/23
·DDD, DSCC, State Plan Medicaid, HCI MCO, MMAI MCO: 12/31/23
·IDoA and DRS (currently required by respective State agencies): expected aggregation date of 11/1/24.

Is the assumption that Nov 1 is a deadline and those vendors and agencies who can deliver data early, can do so when ready?

That is correct. However, if you do send data early, just note that it may reject if the members and authorizations are not loaded yet. The members and authorizations are expected to be loaded around 10/1/24 in advance of the 11/1/24 go-live.

Can you talk about required changes to schedules if we elect to send schedules; when would HHA need a schedule update to be sent ? E.g., schedule is 1-5, but call in /out is 2-6?

Updated schedule times are never required. The only time you would want to send an updated schedule time is if the schedule was truly moved in advance of the visit. If there is some variation from the schedule time to the visit times, that is expected.

A timeline of when each agency records should reflect EVV documentation

This was covered in the June 18th EVV Townhall presentation.  See slides 8-9.  Personal Care Service (PCS) and Home Health Care Service (HHCS) providers serving IDoA’s Elderly waiver or DRS waivers (Persons with Disabilities, Brain Injury, HIV/AIDS) should already be using EVV.  IDoA and DRS EVV data will be shared within the HHA system by 11/01/2024.  All DDD PCS Provider agencies, and HHCS agencies billing DDD, State Plan Medicaid, HCI MCOs, MMAI MCOs, and DSCC should currently be using EVV, whether via the free HHA solution or through a third-party EVV system.

How can we have our log in and out time in CST? Enrollment of clients with Medicaid numbers is not going through.

Agencies can update the time zone of the office by submitting a ticket to the HHA Client Support Portal.  Please ensure the Medicaid ID follows the correct format. If you are still getting a "Patient Not Found" error, please make sure to double check eligibility.

Is Paycom one of the timekeeping systems that HHAX is integrated with?

You can submit an EDI ticket for any specific vendor questions. There should also be a dropdown when completing HHA’s Provider Enrollment Survey that will allow you to check your vendor. HHA is integrated with almost all known EVV vendors in the market.

MCO not sending over information timely to HHA eXchange

This was covered in the June 18th EVV Townhall presentation.  See slide 34.  MCO HHCS authorization data is expected to be present within the HHA system by 07/01/24.  MCO IDoA and DRS authorization data will be present within the HHA system by 11/1/24.


Please reference slide 24 of the EVV Townhall webinar presentation on 6/18/24.

Will the member ID stay the same? In other states, we have seen HHA use an HHA number for the Member ID. Just validating.

For services that have been live, those will stay the same, including the values from the MCOs. For IDOA and DRS, HHA will have more information and confirmation on those prior to technical go-live, approximately a mid-September timeframe. It will be communicated to providers. The intent is to have a singular and consistent member ID.

When do providers begin submitting their billings through this system?

This was covered in the June 18 EVV Townhall presentation.  See slide 5.  In-Scope EVV providers should maintain current billing practices. The HHA system will not be used for billing at this time.

Can you expand on clocking in and out when nurses have to meet their patients at PT/OT services centers, or school at least 3 out of 5 working days of their schedules?

Clocking in and out can be done in the community by using the HHAeXchange+ Mobile Application. When a caregiver clocks in/out and is presented with the map, there is a toggle at the bottom of the screen, where they can turn off the "At Home" option. This will remove the 300ft radius and allow them to record a visit outside the member's home.

What is the ticket turnaround time roughly?

Roughly 24 Hours to let you know that the ticket is under review. When HHA requires additional information, communications will be sent to the provider through the HHA Client Support Portal

Do we have to complete the survey again if we complete it previously for the 6/3 go-live?

No, no need to submit the survey again.

Could you explain the exceptions that will occur when there are missing clock outs and when we manually enter a clock out and how that will affect our percentage?

If a manual clock in and out is entered, it will be considered an exception and count against the EVV Compliance % for the agency. It is expected that there will always be cases where manual entry is needed (e.g., caregiver's mobile dies, member is on the home phone when caregiver arrives, etc.), but these cases should be much less frequent than the use of EVV tools.

HHA Exchange is not actively loading IDOA contract with provider portal.

Correct. See slide 21 of the June 18th EVV Townhall presentation. In September, the portals should start being linked with access going out.

Who will upload the referrals on/to HHAeXchange portal of the provider?

This was covered in the June 18th EVV Townhall Presentation.  See slides 23-24.

Providers currently use their EVV applications to do a number of important tasks necessary to be operational such as billing and payroll exports to their payroll vendors or clearinghouses. Since we are being told the no cost version of HHA will not gi

This was covered in the EVV Townhall webinar presentation on 6/18/24.  See slide 5. Please note that the State is not requiring EVV in-scope providers to use the free HHA option.  Provider agencies may maintain their current EVV systems as long as those systems are capable of capturing all six elements required under the 21st Century Cure's Act (refer to slide 41 of presentation for these elements).  Providers electing to maintain third-party EVV systems ARE REQUIRED to transmit their EVV data to HHA.

If an agency has registered with HHA, does the agency have to register again for DRS and IDoA separately when it kicks off?

No, HHA will obtain provider lists from those programs and do the linking for providers already in the system.

Will Managed Care Organization (MCO) authorizations Illinois Department on Aging (IDoA) and Illinois Department of Human Service’s Division or Rehabilitation Services (DRS) be present within the HHAeXchange (HHA) system, effective 11/1/24?

Yes.  The State and HHA are working with the MCOs to have both IDoA and Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) authorization data within the HHA system by 11/1/24.