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Designated PACE Organizations


The following PACE Organizations have been selected to provide program services. Zip Codes being served are listed below or you can conduct a Zip Code search to find if services are being offered in your community.                      


Kinship PACE of Illinois, LLC

While Kinship PACE of Illinois will be a new entrant into the Illinois health care delivery system, our management team and provider partners bring extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in person-centered primary care, PACE, and Home and Community-Based Services, as well as other areas of care and services focusing on the elderly and disabled.

Our Mission is to provide the elderly with the ability to gracefully age-in-place through custom-tailored care plans and an experience that extends beyond traditional care. To enable the frail, underserved, and multiethnic senior members of our communities to enjoy an improved quality of life and to age at home with dignity. We do this by providing high quality health and social services through an innovative model that provides a range of integrated preventative, acute care, and community based long-term care services to manage the complex medical needs of the frail and elderly.  

Kinship PACE of Illinois, LLC is a subsidiary of CitiPACE Holding Company, LLC and was established for the purpose of providing PACE services to eligible Illinois residents.

Zip Codes Served in Cook County:

60131, 60171, 60176, 60618, 60630, 60634, 60639, 60641, 60647, 60656, 60706, 60707


​Judy Kohn
Chief Strategy Officer
​Mobile: 917-270-0599

​Amber Hulon
​Senior Director of Strategy
​​Mobile: 727-417-5819

Lawndale Christian Health Center

Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) has been committed to providing quality, affordable healthcare for residents of the West Side of Chicago for more than 35 years. Since its founding by community residents in 1984, LCHC has grown to care for more than 70,000 patients as a Community Health Center and now as a Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organization. With decades of experience caring for aging adults and a beautiful PACE Center designed just for seniors, LCHC's dedicated interdisciplinary team will ensure West Side residents have the highest quality of PACE services for years to come.

Zip Codes Served in Cook County

60608, 60612, 60623, 60624, 60804 



Annie's Place PACE

Annie's Place is a PACE center specifically tailored to serve medically underserved adults on Chicago's Southside. Our equity and asset-based framework allows us to deliver a transformative PACE program built with a focus on delivering "whole-person" care that is culturally-tailored and designed to improve members' health, wellbeing, and ability to age at home. We have local roots, deep expertise, and a commitment to delivering services that ensure older adults on the Southside feel valued as they age and live with dignity, meaning, and independence. 

Mission – to provide seamlessly coordinated, equitable, and compassionate care that improves outcomes and overall quality of life while engaging members and their families with dignity and respect. 

Vision – to create an equitable and complete ecosystem of community-based care, support, and resources that meet the unique needs of aging adults in the urban setting. 

Zip Codes Served in Cook County:   

Zip Codes Served in Cook County:

60615, 60616, 60617, 60619, 60620, 60621, 60628, 60637, 60649, 60653



Esperanza Health Centers

Since 2004, Esperanza Health Centers has operated as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) on Chicago's under-resourced Southwest side, an area of the city shaped largely by its industrial roots and a recent influx of Latin American immigrants. The fragile nature of the social and economic bonds in the area is evident in the way so many health disparities affect its working-poor families. Opening a PACE center on Chicago's Southwest side is a natural extension of our mission to deliver health and hope to our communities, especially given the dearth of bilingual, culturally-informed services for seniors. Because residents here face multiple levels of stigma – based on race, ethnicity, age, economic status, English proficiency, and immigration status – we know it's critical they feel welcomed and respected when they are with us. Beyond delivering high-quality medical care (Esperanza has consistently high-quality rankings among FQHCs across the country), we hire patient-facing staff from the communities we're in so that patients are greeted and treated by people who have walked along the same sidewalks, shopped in the same stores, attended the same schools, and lived on the same blocks as them. Our core values – caring, quality, and family – are tailor-made for PACE.

Zip Codes Served in Cook County:

60453, 60455, 60456, 60458, 60459, 60501, 60609, 60629, 60632, 60636, 60638, 60652


General Inquiries:

773-819-PACE (7223)

Jennifer Weiss
Vice President of PACE
Phone: 773-482-1989


BoldAge PACE Illinois

BoldAge PACE is an all- inclusive program of care, personalized to meet the individual health and well-being needs of our participants. We understand the complexities and challenges older adults and their loved ones face. What sets us apart is the combination of our comprehensive expertise in all aspects of social services and geriatric healthcare and our deep connections to the communities we serve. Through meaningful relationships with established partners, our older adults have increased access to the highest quality of care and community support. We meet the evolving needs of older adults by providing personalized interdisciplinary solutions that consider both their physical and mental well-being. Our owner-operated PACE model is aimed at expanding the ability for older adults to live happily and healthfully in their own homes for as long as possible.  Our approach is simple: We listen to our participants and their caregivers to truly understand their needs and desires. As such, we bring creative solutions, rooted in experience, expertise and passion to help older adults live a meaningful independent life at home with grace and dignity. 

Zip Codes Served in Cook County:

60406, 60409, 60411, 60415, 60418, 60419, 60422, 60425, 60426, 60428, 60429, 60430, 60438, 60445, 60452, 60457, 60461, 60463, 60465, 60469, 60472, 60473, 60476, 60477, 60478, 60482, 60633, 60643, 60655, 60803, 60805, 60827


Jennifer Ray
Business Administrator
Phone: 732-664-3786


OSF HealthCare System

OSF HealthCare, through its Innovation division, is excited to partner with the state of Illinois to launch the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), an effort to improve access to home-based, high-quality, comprehensive care for individuals served by Medicare and Medicaid. Through this strategic collaboration, the program will be an extension of the long history of OSF as a provider of senior and adult day services in the central Illinois area, providing access to expanded care for those living in under-resourced communities. 

OSF HealthCare is an integrated health system owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. OSF HealthCare employs nearly 24,000 Mission Partners in 150 locations, including 15 hospitals – 10 acute care, five critical access – with 2,089 licensed beds, and two colleges of nursing throughout Illinois and Michigan. The OSF HealthCare physician network employs more than 1,500 primary care, specialist and advanced practice providers. OSF HealthCare, through OSF Home Care Services, operates an extensive network of home health and hospice services. More at 

Zip Codes Served in Peoria County:

61523, 61525, 61528, 61533, 61536, 61547, 61552, 61602, 61603, 61604, 61605, 61606, 61607, 61614, 61615, 61616, 61625 

Zip Codes Served in Mason County:

61532, 61546         

Zip Codes Served in Tazewell County:

61534, 61535, 61550, 61554, 61564, 61568, 61571, 61610, 61611, 61734, 61747 

Zip Codes in Woodford County:

61530, 61548   


Colleen Reynolds
Coordinator Media Relations
Phone: 309-825-7255

Nathan Pritzker
Director of PACE Strategy


Stella PACE at Home, LLC

Stella’s Place is a PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) tailored to provide compassionate care for eligible adults in the Metro- East area. Stella’s Place is designed to deliver “whole-person” care that is informed by personal and family environments. The focus is on improving overall wellbeing, maintenance and improvement of functional status, while creating a viable option to age at home with access to, and benefit from, a wide array of services including: transportation, home supports, and" access to two adult day health centers.

Our Team has local roots, with deep expertise in primary and senior care. We are committed to delivering affordable services that ensure older adults in Metro East communities are valued as they age and live with dignity, respect, and meaning. Our goal is to assist our participants in living independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Zip Code Served in Clinton County:


Zip Codes Served in Madison County:

62001, 62002, 62010, 62018, 62021, 62024, 62025, 62034, 62040, 62046, 62048, 62060, 62061, 62062, 62067, 62084, 62087, 62090, 62095, 62097, 62234, 62249, 62281, 62294  

Zip Code Served in Monroe County:


Zip Codes Served in St. Clair County:

62059, 62071, 62201, 62203, 62204, 62205, 62206, 62207, 62208, 62220, 62221, 62223, 62225, 62226, 62232, 62239, 62240, 62243, 62254, 62258, 62260, 62269, 62289


Connie Brooks, MPH, BSN - Nurse Practitioner  
Executive Liaison