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Provider Notice Issued 04/26/2021



Date:    April 26, 2021


To:       Family Support Program Providers - Community Mental Health Centers and Hospitals


Re:      Updated Family Support Program COVID-19 Guidance      


This notice provides updated COVID-19 guidance toFamily Support Program (FSP) providers and replaces the Department’s April 10,2020 informational notice.


HFS encourages providers to use materials available throughthe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Illinois Department of PublicHealth (IDPH) as part of their internal education of staff, including: 


  • CDC Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Printable resources (CDC):


  • Prevention and treatment suggestions (IDPH):

InitialFSP Youth Enrollment Application

All required documents completed within theprevious 180 days will be accepted as part of the Initial FSPEnrollment Application. 


ContinuedFSP Youth Enrollment

Continued Enrollment for redeterminations of FSPeligibility will resume July 1, 2021. FSP Youth whose extended eligibilityperiod ends on, or after, July 1, 2021, will be mailed a Continued EnrollmentAuthorization Request Packet from eQHealth Solutions, Inc. to notify the youthand their family of the requirement to complete the Continued Enrollmentpacket. FSP Coordinators will receive an email notification from eQHealthSolutions, Inc. for youth and families who require Continued Enrollment. Youthwhose extended eligibility period ends prior to July 1, 2021, will receive anextension of their FSP eligibility until their next Continued Enrollment period.

The timeline for the completion of an updatedIntegrated Assessment and Treatment Plan for Continued Enrollments is extendedto 90 days prior to the Continued Enrollment submission.

ResidentialContinued Stay Requests

Residential Continued Stay request submissions forresidential treatment services will resume July 1, 2021. Youth whose extendedContinued Stay request ends on, or after, July 1, 2021, will require anapproved Continued Stay request from eQHealth Solutions, Inc. Youth whoseextended Continued Stay request ends prior to July 1, 2021, will receive anextension to their approved Continued Stay until their next Continued Stayreview period.

Residential Treatment providers and parents of youthreceiving residential treatment services will be notified of the requirement tocomplete the Continued Stay request.

SignatureRequirements for all FSP Documents

Signature requirements for Initial FSP EnrollmentApplications will be considered met if the parent’s/guardian’s approval/consentis documented via email or via verbal attestation written on the applicableform, with the date and time that the verbal approval/consent was obtained andthe initial and date of the staff who obtained the verbal approval/consent.  



Bedholds may be submitted for up to seven (7)consecutive days for COVID-19 related reasons (e.g., the family/youth is undermandatory quarantine). For all other bedhold requests unrelated to COVID-19,standard bedhold policy applies. Bedholds are subject to clinical review, mustinclude a plan for maintaining supportive services for the youth during theirreturn home, and must include a clear plan for the youth returning to theresidential facility once the bedhold period has been completed. If the youthis not going to return, then a clear plan for discharge services must beincluded.


Questions regarding this notice may be directed tothe Bureau of Behavioral Health via telephone at 217-557-1000 or via emailat



KellyCunningham, Administrator

Divisionof Medical Programs